Smt. D. Padmavathi Ammal Nursery & Primary School, Coimbatore is run by Sri G.V. Doraiswamy Naidu Charities, a philonthropic organisation committed to the upliftment of education and social status of the rural population of Coimbatore. The institution was founded by Late Sri  D. Varadarajan, the zealous and large-hearted man who contributed towards eradicating the paucity of education. Predictably, he had to surmount many obstacles on his way. In achieving his passion of providing the underprivileged. 

Smt. V. Krishnaveni, an able administrator, followed the footsteps of Late Sri D. Varadarajan. She set forth decades ago to impart today's and tomorrow's knowledge to the children towards building them worthy citizens of our mighty nation.

When the spirits of children are strong, focused and vibrant, wonderful things would happen.

The school has carved a niche for itself among the cluster of Educational Institutions in the city and will continue to spread its wings far and wide. The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the school endeavours to help each child discover and develop his/her innate talents and abilities. We share our knowledge so that it keeps brimming with new ideas, thoughts and ideals. In the modus operandi, we don't aspire only for the winning streak, but also we strive to import values to make the students stand up to face the challenges.